Questions Regarding Your Device

Frequently asked questions regarding the issues and questions you may have about your data collector.

Will I lose any of my software or other data on my device?

The repair process does not affect the data or software installed on your device. Devices that have water damage or other serious issues may lose data and/or software due to the nature of the damage. It is always recommended that everything be backed up on another device before shipping the unit to us as a matter of good practice.

What if I send you my device and it turns out that the screen is not the problem?

If your device(s) are not able to be repaired by us we will notify you and promptly ship your device back to you with a full refund excluding return shipping charges.

Do you only replace screens?

We specialize in controller touch screen replacement and controller LCD replacement. We also offer keypad replacements on select devices. If you need a repair done that is not listed here, send us an email and we may be able to help you.

There are dead spots on my touchscreen where the stylus does not work.

Dead spots, or areas of the screen where it is unresponsive, are a common symptom of a dying touchscreen. It will only become worse over time, so don't hesitate to send your device in before it stops working completely!

My screen is completely unresponsive.

First, check to make sure the touchscreen has not been disabled through the software or keypad function keys. If this is not the case then it is very likely that your screen needs to be replaced. If these symptoms appear soon after the device has been rained on or submerged then it is likely that your device is water damaged, primarily with TSC2 and TDS Ranger devices.

I frequently lose screen alignment on my data collector.

A common symptom of a dying touchscreen, this will only become worse over time and it is recommended that you send your unit into us before it stops working completely!

My touch screen doesn't work in hot or cold weather.

If you find your device works intermittently or not at all in weather with temperatures below 35°F +/- or in very warm temperatures, especially in direct sunlight, then it is very likely that the touch screen is defective or has simply reached the end of its life. It is recommended that you have the touch screen replaced as the screen will gradually lose all functionality.

My screen stops working temporarily/permanently after using my device in the rain.

This is a very common symptom of water damage, primarily with TSC2 and TDS Ranger devices. If the touchscreen stops responding soon after the device is subjected to rain or submerged, then it is very likely that water has entered the unit and caused irreparable damage. Any cracks in the plastic housing of the device or tears in the keypad are the most likely places for water to enter. The device may continue to work periodically even with water damage, however it is only a matter of time before the corrosion renders it non-functional. Another common symptom of water damage is loss of LCD back lighting or strange glitches in the image of the LCD; such as black vertical or horizontal lines. We ask that you not send these units to us as the cost to replace the motherboard and the software often exceeds the value of the device.

My device isn't listed on the website, can you repair it?

We're always looking to expand our list of supported devices, if you don't see your device listed send us an email and we'll look into adding it in the near future.

I tried to repair my device and I damaged it, can you repair it?

We highly recommend users not attempt to repair their own devices. We've seen many data collector severely damage from DIYers trying to save money, but end up costing themselves thousands of dollars. That being said, if the device was damaged during disassembly, then please email or call us before sending the unit in.  It is possible that the damage caused will be more expensive to fix than the device is worth.  If nothing was damaged, simply reassemble the device and ship it to us as normal.  If you are unable or uncomfortable in reassembling the device, we highly recommend buying an antistatic bag large enough for your device to fit into before shipping it to us. Shipping without an antistatic bag while the device is disassembled may result in static electric damage during transit.

The image on my LCD screen is very dim, is it the backlight?

If you can still see a dark image on the screen, then it might be that the backlight has stopped working and may require a new LCD screen to fix it. However, a very common symptom of water damage or drop damage is loss of LCD back lighting or a backlight that fluctuates brightness levels erratically, particularly when adjusting the brightness slider bar on the screen settings tab. If these symptoms occur or occurred when the device was subjected to rain then it is likely water damaged and will not likely be repairable. Please make a note of any backlight issues you are having in the order notes section of the checkout page.

My screen has vertical or horizontal lines running through it, do I just need a new screen?

This is a common symptom of impact damage, water damage or a failed repair attempt. The device's main circuit board components responsible for the LCD screen and touch screen functionality are often some of the first parts to fail when exposed to water or a sudden impact. This may also result in loss of backlighting and strange glitches or color effects on the LCD screen. If you've attempted to repair your own device and have found the LCD to be behaving strangely, it is very likely that you've damaged the delicate LCD ribbon cable connector or other electronic components. We do not offer repairs for damaged ribbon cable connectors.

My keypad is missing some buttons or has tears, should I have it replaced?

Missing buttons and tears in the silicone keypad membrane are a common occurrence in devices 3+ years old. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. The keypad is a seal that keeps dust and water outside of your device. Any missing buttons or tears in this membrane will lead to water damage and corrosion inside your device. We recommend inspecting every edge of each button at the base by lightly pushing the button over to the side and looking at the base for any tears, cracks, or white colored stress marks on the silicone membrane. Our technicians will also perform this inspection as part of our diagnostic testing procedure on supported devices.

I have to press some keypad buttons very hard or multiple times before they register.

The keypad buttons are only rated for so many presses before the spring contact fails. A keypad replacement will fix this issue for you. Please navigate the Data Collectors link at the top of the page to see if we offer a keypad replacement service for your device.