TDS Ranger Keypad Replacement


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Are you missing any buttons on your TDS Ranger keypad?

Is the lettering rubbed off of the keys?

Do some of the keys work only intermittently or not at all?

Your TDS Ranger is susceptible to water damage if there are any cracks or missing buttons on the keypad so don’t wait until it’s too late, we can fix it!

Simply add this item to your shopping cart if you need a keypad replacement repair service for your TDS Ranger 300/300x or 500/500x series Data Collector, including Ranger X series and Ranger NX series (both yellow and gray body styles).

Our Repair Service Includes:

  • Replacement of keypad buttons, circuit board and overlay.
  • Replacement of all deteriorated waterproofing gasket sealant.
  • Inspection for water damage and other compromised parts.
  • Diagnostic testing to ensure your new keypad is fully operational and properly sealed.
  • Free return shipping to the contiguous United States (lower 48 states).

– Need a new screen as well? –

We offer TDS Ranger screen replacements!

Don’t forget to check out our FAQ page to help with troubleshooting your device and our How It Works page to learn more about our repair process! All repairs come with our 180 day parts and labor warranty.

As always, we’ll have your data collector / controller repaired and shipped back to you within 24 hours of receiving it! Let us deal with your TDS Ranger keypad not working so you don’t have to!